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    20 000 Vies: 20,000 lives

    Everything started from an observation: 20,000 lives could be saved every year if people knew the emergency life-saving techniques.
    That is why, in 2008, Claude Mariottini, interventional cardiologist and heart rhythm specialist, Philippe Soussi, lawyer and deputy mayor of the town of Nice and Ginette Rinaldi, wife of the actor Gérard Rinaldi, created this association.

    The aims of 20 000 Vies are to:

    • Promote the use of defibrillators to heighten public awareness of life-saving actions
    • Participate in the financing of programs to fight sudden cardiac arrest
    • Organize trainings in emergency life-saving techniques in schools with children in the city of Nice
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    Our goal, with the collaboration of the City of Nice and the association 20 000 vies is to have more people trained to practise life saving techniques, focusing on young targets because young people will be sensitive to life assistance for the rest of their life when trained early. And one day, they might really save a life.

    To learn more about the action of the project, click on the link below and like the page I CAN SAVE A LIFE on Facebook!


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    • I Can Save a Life


      Between October 5th, 2015 and June 11th, 2016 more than 2,900 children have been trained to life saving assistance and the use of defibrillators thanks to the I CAN SAVE A LIFE project.


      During the opening ceremony of CARDIOSTIM EHRA-EUROPACE 2016, the I CAN SAVE A LIFE videoclip was presented.


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    • THE association with the city of Nice



      During the opening ceremony of CARDIOSTIM EHRA-EUROPACE 2016, several defibrillators were offered to the city of Nice.


      Claude Mariottini, the founder of I CAN SAVE A LIFE, poses in this picture with the mayor of Nice.

    • The Low Budget Men


      The originality of 20,000 Vies, unique in its kind, lies in its association with a pop-rock group, "The Low Budget Men" which Claude Mariottini leads and in which he is singer-songwriter and guitarist. His music is dedicated to his mission of public health and the funds raised allow the association 20 000 Vies to achieve its goals.80 defibrillators have been financed over 4 years and several lives have been saved.


      During CARDIOSTIM EHRA-EUROPACE 2016, the Low Budget Men performed for a charity concert.

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